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Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Wrong

THIS is what our first day of Spring looked like :-(. The day before it was 65 degrees here and a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky. My horse was out in the west pasture enjoying all the pretty green grass. When it was really close to dark I went out and got her and we put her in the barn for the night so she wouldn't be out in the elements. She is still in the barn two days later, but when it's like this she doesn't mind. She gets to eat her hay, get groomed each morning and evening, and stay warm and cozy in her stall.

This is part of our backyard coming up from the barn.

The east pasture. The grass under that snow is actually green.

These flower buds are encased in ice. They grow into pretty pink and white flowers. I don't think they will this year.

And this is what my pine trees look like right now. All the needles are covered with a coating of ice.

And THIS, this is my daffodils!!! They grow along the fence line of the east pasture. As you can see, they already had their pretty yellow flowers on them just getting ready to open. Each flower is encased with ice! When this happened a few years ago on March 17th, they didn't bloom at all because the blooms were killed off by the snow. One of the things that I look forward to every year is the Spring flowers. That year when we had a snowstorm on March 17th, we had no Spring flowers at all that year :-(. It is just soooooo wrong to have a snowstorm on the first day of Spring. So, how was your first day of Spring? I hope yours was much better than ours.



Anonymous said...

Wow you got hit worse than us. I took a few pictures so I can scrap them for the kids to remember the 1st day of Spring 2010.

Kim said...

Friday was a beautiful day here. My grandson and I spent the day working in the yard. Yesterday was very cool and overcast, but nothing like the weather you had.

I'm sorry about your spring flowers, that happened here a couple of years ago and our Lilac bushes didn't bloom. I always look forward to spring flowers too.