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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coin Envelope Tutorial

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, lol! I wanted to make Jan Tink's Teeny Tiny Scrapbook, but there were no stores in my town that sold coin envelopes. I didn't want to wait for an order of them to come in and I sure didn't need 500 of them! Sooooo, I made my own coin envelopes from Designer Series Paper for my Teeny Tiny Scrapbook :-). Below you will find instructions to make your own coin envelopes.....

1. Cut Designer Series Paper 4.75" x 5"

Align Center

2. With the 5" side at the top, score 1" from the right edge and 1/2" from the left edge.

3. Flip the paper so that the 4.75" side is at the top. Score 2.25" from the right edge. Move the paper to the right and score 2.25" from the first score line. This will leave a 1/4" on the left edge.

4. Fold on all score lines and crease each fold with a bone folder so the score lines are nice and crisp.

5. With the 4.75" side at the top, cut the corners off the top and bottom right edge and the top and bottom left edge as shown in the photo. You will have a 2.25" flap on the right, a 1/4" flap on the left, a 1" flap in the center top, and a 1/2" flap in the center bottom.

6. Fold in the 1/4" flap to the inside of the envelope and put some Two Way glue on the outer edge of the 1/4" flap. Bring the 2.25" flap over to line up with the outer edge of the 1/4" flap and press to adhere.

7. You will now have an envelope with a 1" flap at the top and a 1/2" flap at the bottom. Corner round both sides of each flap as in the photo above. Put some Two Way glue on the edges of the 1/2" bottom flap and fold up to adhere to the envelope. The 1" flap that remains is not glued. You will use this 1" flap to adhere the coin envelopes to the little book in Jan Tink's Teeny Tiny Scrapbook. Now we can have coin envelopes in any color we need :-). I hope you have fun making your own coin envelopes! See ya' tomorrow!



Kim said...

Jan is not the only genius. I have to go to Walmart today and had just added the envelopes to my list when I realized you made your own. I like the idea of making my own better, so I will scratch that item from the list.

Thanks for sharing this great idea,

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thank you for the tutorial! I couldn't find the coin envelopes at a few stores. Now I can make my own and give JanT's super tutorial a try! I love your blog! Just came across it from SCS!


Jayne said...

This tutorial is wonderful! Now I can make envelopes out of patterned paper and save a layering step when assembling my teeny tiny scrapbook. I think it would also help reduce bulk. Thank you so much!