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Monday, April 12, 2010

Skate Dresses

Just wanted to let you know that I have to take a few days off to make skate dresses. My daughter is taking her first USA Roller Sports artistic tests on the 25th. After her testing is done, she will be going to compete in her first ever skating competition the first week of May. We are excited! I have four skate dresses I need to make to prepare her for competition, at least on my end, lol! It's the job of her coaches (she has two) to prepare her for the competition part and they are doing a great job! To the end of making skate dresses... I spent the entire weekend bent over a table in my living room tracing and transferring pattern pieces to pellon. Oh yeah, a trip to the chiropractor will be in order at the end of this week :-(. I went through an entire pencil. You do not want to know how many pattern pieces I transferred to pellon and cut out this weekend! In case you are wondering why I was tracing patterns, I purchased a complete skate dress pattern system for her three months ago. This system allows me to design and make virtually any skate dress either of us could imagine, but they all come printed on regular paper- big paper, but regular paper all the same. By transferring the pattern pieces to pellon, I retain the master patterns on the paper and have matching pattern pieces on pellon- which makes for very durable patterns that will last a long time. 20 yards of pellon later and a full weekend, I have the complete system ready to go when I need it. This morning I have been pinning pattern pieces to the fabric, but because this skate dress has an underskirt and three colors of fabric in it, I ran out of ball point pins so I am heading out the door to get more pins.... and to get more pellon because I have a few ideas in my head ;-). I may or may not be working on things for the blog to take a break from sewing. It will really depend on how worn out I am when I am done with the sewing end of things during the day. I know I will be more than ready to get back to my papers and inks, but I thought it would be better for both mom (me) and skater (daughter) to just get the skate dresses all done in one fell swoop and KNOW that they are done before the deadlines. If I don't get anything posted during the week, I promise I will be back to regular posting next week :-). Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I very much appreciate your visits and I hope you understand my taking a short time off to sew skate dresses. We are saving a BUNDLE by me sewing them and I also have the assurance that my daughter is not going to be flashing anyone when she is skating because her dresses are made to fit her perfectly! Have a wonderful week everyone and if you don't stop by during this week to check if there are any postings, please check back next week!


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