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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awwww! Too cute!!

This morning we were up early getting a spot ready for our new baby chicks. When it was finally time to go and pick them, we were ready for them to come home. We got 15 baby chicks all together. We have four grown hens and three ducks, so these babies will join the group and eventually they will all become a flock. It takes the older hens time to accept the new chickies when they are old enough to run with the 'big girls' ;-), but eventually they do. I thought I would post some photos for you so you can see our new babies. The photos have a red tinge to them because the babies are under an infrared heat lamp to keep them warm and toasty. Each week we raise the heat lamp up a little more, until they don't need it anymore.

The one sitting right smack in the middle of the feed is a little Araucana baby. When she grows up she will lay colored eggs- turquoise and other colors. She is my daughter's favorite so far, although she LOVES all baby animals! In fact, she is a baby animal magnet (sigh). We have had more baby animals around here than we would like, but they have all come here all on their own, except for our horse and our dog (rolling eyes :-) ).

Yep, that is my daughter right in the middle of the baby chicks and she is holding another little Araucana baby.

This is another Araucana baby- we really did get other chickies, not just Araucana's :-D.

The little red chickies are Red Stars and Rhode Island Reds. The little black chickies are Barred Rocks. Aren't they adorable?!!! It's been a couple of years since we ordered little chicks and it's always so fun to watch them grow up. Well, at least until they get to the ugly stage where they start growing their first real feathers. Then they are a mixture of chickie fluff and feathers and they look pretty strange, lol! OK, I am off to see if I can get something created while my daughter names the babies. So far she has Ally and Cosmic- Cosmic being Ally's side "chick", rotfl! Hopefully, I will have something to post later on this evening.

Blessings! †

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