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Monday, January 11, 2010

Clear Mount Stamps!

In the Occasions Mini 2010, debut the Clear Mount stamps option. So what exactly are Clear Mount stamps? They are stamps that can be mounted on clear acrylic blocks, but don't worry, we still get the same great rubber and quality that we expect from our Stampin' Up! stamps, but now we need less space to store them.... Is that AWESOME or what :-) ?!!!

Let me start out with showing you the case that these wonderful stamps come in :-). They come in clear plastic cd cases with an insert in the cover that shows you the images for stamp set inside. The insert also has the name of the stamp set, the product # and the number of stamps that come in the set.

The stamps stick to the inside of the cd case when being stored, and since the entire case is clear, you can see the stamps themselves from the clear back of the cd case. Cool, huh?

Just in case you are wondering... and I am sure that you are :-D, two cd cases fit in the space that is normally required for one wood mount stamp set. In the space that you stored 5 stamp sets before, you can now store 10 stamp sets! You will also notice that on the spine of the cd case are thumbnails of the stamps inside. Whether you are storing your new clear mount stamps in a drawer, in a cabinet, or on a shelf you can see at a glance what images are inside. In the photo below you can see a comparison between the wood mount cases and the clear mount cd cases. I did measure and two cd cases is the thickness of one wood mount case.

Another great feature with the clear mount stamps is that they come with a label that you can put on the backs of the cushions on your stamps so you can actually see the image as you are stamping. Stampin' Up's! clear mount option gives us the best of so many stampin' worlds! Less storage space, the same great image quality that you can only get with rubber, the great quality rubber of Stampin' Up! stamps, less expense, and easy on, easy off on clear blocks that let us see where we are stamping.

Now.... on to the blocks baby!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these acrylic blocks!! I have other acrylic blocks, but there is NO comparison to how these feel versus them. The Stampin' Up! acrylic blocks are an ergonomic pleasure to hold and stamp with. As you can see in the photos below, each block is recessed on all four sides making them so easy to hold and grip.

Each block is also labeled with a letter so you can tell what size block you need for your particular stamp. You can get the blocks all at once in the Block Bundle or you can buy one block at a time. There are nine sizes of blocks available so you can be sure you will have a block that will fit your stamp as well as the wood blocks fit.

I have stamped with the clear mount stamps and with the acrylic blocks and I am sold on both!! I think you will be too :-). Have a great day!!


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A Stamper's Journey said...

Thanks for posting this. I have yet to order the clear blocks. They look wonderful. Can't wait to get my hands on a couple of them.