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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Faux Hand tooled Leather Part 2

Step 6. Crumple up the card stock, but be careful not to tear the edges.
Step 7. Smooth out your crumpled card stock and flip it face down. Apply Yes glue over the entire back surface. I use my finger to apply because I get better coverage and it also helps to smooth out the card stock so that it lays flatter. Apply it to your coaster and run the brayer over it several times to get good contact with the coaster. Check the edges and smooth them down with your thumbs if needed.
Step 8. After your glue dries, apply one thin coat of Royal Coat Satin Decoupage. When it dries completely, it will have a very slight shine. You don't want it too shiny because you want it to look like hand tooled leather :-).
Step 9. For the inside covers, you will ink the card stock the same as you did on the outside covers. Crumple the inside covers and very lightly, rub your Cajun Craze sponge over the wrinkles. Apply Yes glue as in Step 7 and apply to the inside covers. Apply Royal Coat.
This is what the outside cover and the inside cover look like together.

See post #3 below for the rest of the instructions....

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