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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We are returning to the school schedule for skate practice and training this week. Instead of doing 6.5 hour days, we will be doing 3.5 hour days until school officially starts later this month. Then we will return to 2.5 hour days. Public skate sessions just for fun will remain the same, but I will finally have some time to play with paper and ink again :D. I did do a project one weekend and got one done while at the rink over this past weekend, so I should be able to get those posted this week! I tried to make some cards yesterday, but think I lost my mojo over the summer :(. Hopefully, it will come back quickly as I get back to my paper and ink!

Our Artistic Skate Team brought home 8 medals from Nationals this year. Whoo hoo! We are all so proud of them! They brought home two gold, four silver, and two bronze. They all worked so hard over the summer... you would not believe how hard they train! My daughter and I were only there for a couple of days, as was most of the team, but the coaches and the adult competitors stayed for the whole two weeks. We watched the remaining members of the team on the live stream at though. We cheered at home as loudly as we did at Nationals :). It was a fun two weeks! The competition season is over now until October when we go to the first Meet and then the full season starts up in January 2011 and will end in August at Nationals again. The Team does have more USA Roller Sports testing in September, but that is a very long one day event. Each member of the Team has to take USARS testing each year for whatever events they will be competing in for the next year. It's a pretty nerve racking day for them :).

Thanks to all of you who have left comments for me over the summer while I have been so busy with my daughter's skating schedule! I really appreciate your encouragement and support that paper and ink will always be there, but these hours spent with my daughter are so much more important. I know I will never regret taking the summer off to watch her grow in something that she loves so much and being there for every moment of it :D. Now hopefully, my creative side will kick in!

Blessings and hugs to all!


Pat said...

Congrats to them!!! Glad you'll be able to get back to your paper crafting!

Kim said...

Glad to hear you will be back soon. Sounds like you have been extremely busy. I haven't done too much more posting than you have, it's been pretty busy around the Jenkins Estate also, LOL.