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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Checking In

WOW!!! What a busy summer so far!!!! I have updated my catalog links on the right sidebar to the current 2010/2011 catalog PDF's. Hoping to be back to my blog soon. I miss blogging and I miss my paper and ink :( ! One of my daughter's came home for a week (which went by too fast) and my youngest daughter's summer skate training schedule has been intensive to say the least. We spend loooooong hours at the rink 5-6 days a week, mostly 6 days a week. We had a car wash a couple of weeks ago to raise money for their team jackets and for Nationals. That was a lot of fun, but I got clobbered in the forehead by one of the dad's with a metal pole and it split my forehead open. Didn't get stitches, but it would have probably taken at least four if I had gone :). Thankful that it was my forehead and not my eye!!! Fourth of July we had a great barbecue with family and friends. It was so much fun! There was a mega water war in the afternoon, then at night we had fireworks in the driveway, the annual chicken/tank war (not real chickens :) ) and ended the evening with S'mores. It was after midnight before everyone left, but everyone had a great time. My daughter is also involved with a great youth group at a church that we found that we like a lot. She has jumped right in and is helping with several youth group and church projects. Thankfully, youth group is after skate practice so she has time to eat before she goes! We've had several other things going on this summer, so busy, busy, busy! Hoping summer activities will slow down enough soon to get back to my paper and ink!!!



Pat said...

Glad to see you! Take some time for you!

Atty said...

Wow I didn't hear about your forehead boo boo, glad it was not serious. Hope you had a safe trip and were able to get Danielle fitted for her skates. I miss seeing your work so hopefully you'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having one fun summer! Ouch, sorry about your forehead. . . . Enjoy life the paper and ink will be there this fall!!!