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Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you to those who left comments asking about me :). I needed a little break from stamping to focus on some other things. I've been busy with my daughter and her skating, among other things. She went to her first Meet this month since Nationals five months ago and the Meet season is now underway! For not competing for five months, she did well at the first Meet of 2012. She got three 1st place medals, a 2nd place, and a 3rd place out of six events. She would have gotten 2nd place in her first event, but unfortunately, she dropped her foot and that is a big deduction in points. It happens though, to every skater. Actually, there were a lot of dropped foots among skaters that day! It must have been contagious! Given the fact that she would have gotten 2nd place without the dropped foot and the fact that she had just learned those particular figures (hard figures requiring hard turns) a month ago... that's pretty darn impressive! I think she was happy with how she did :)

Among the other things I've been doing, I've been concentrating on my photography more. My goal is to become a professional photographer, so I've been reading lots of books and studying. My sweet husband got me a studio set up complete with lights, backdrop stand, and several backdrops for Christmas so that I don't have to rely on outdoor lighting to take photos. It's really nice to have access to perfect light whenever you need it!

My lap top hard drive crashed big time and it was just a year old. It crashed so badly there was no way to recover the hard drive. I don't even want to tell you how much stuff I lost with that crash :(. I lost really great photos of my daughter and our little granddaughter. I was just sick over all that I lost. I normally back up my photos to an external hard drive, but these didn't get backed up right away. LESSON LEARNED! Now when I download photos to my lap top I back them up immediately. Fortunately, the best of the photos that I lost of my daughter are on a memory card in a digital photo frame that my daughter gave her grandpa for Christmas, so I'll be able to retrieve those :).

My daughter, husband, and I started seeing a strength trainer three weeks ago. My husband and I need to get into shape :), and our daughter will benefit in her skating. We are also working on eating healthier :).

We've just been really busy with life otherwise :). We have a pretty big Meet soon and after that Meet, I'm hoping to get back to blogging again. My thoughts are starting to drift back toward stamping and scrapping. I placed my first demo order since December this afternoon, so I'll have some new stuff to play with in a few days!


Amanda Mertz said...

Barb- I'm glad that everything is OK and you've just been busy. I miss seeing your cards but know how busy life can get. Would love to see some of your photography when you have a chance! Take Care!

Atty said...

Wow busy, busy lady, usual. I too miss your cards. I've seen some your pic's on fb. Great photo's I might add. Mention of Granddaughter? Sarah?
Glad that life is treating you well. Miss you friend.

Kim said...

I've missed you. Boy you have been busy. I can't wait for you to start posting again. And a new career, that sounds exciting.

Anonymous said...

Barb~ I'm so glad to learn it was just life keeping you away. Life is to short so enjoy and when you get a creative urge please share it! I'd love to see some photo's!