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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pretty Eggs

I do have some posts scheduled already for next week. I'm really working on getting back to blogging :). I don't usually post on the weekends so I can spend that time creating, well, I used to spend that time creating until my daughter started competitive skating :D, but I wanted to show you my cool eggs, lol! We have some chickens that lay colored eggs. The shells right now are pink and a really pretty shade of green. There's a regular brown egg in my photo just for the sake of comparison. The green egg looks kind of gray in the photo, but it really is the prettiest shade of green in person. It's kind of fun gathering the eggs everyday now :D.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday!!



Heather Chachula said...

That's crazy!!!! No chicken that I have ever seen has produced different colour eggs like that. Thanks for sharing. :)


Lois said...

I've never heard of or seen "colored" eggs right from the chicken. That's very cool!!!