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Friday, September 2, 2011

Here I Am...

Wow, I didn't realize I had been gone from my blog for such a long time until Christene mentioned it in class last week. I've actually got a couple of projects to post, can you believe it?! The batteries died in my camera, so I'm charging them, so I can get some photos tomorrow morning, so I can finally post! :-)

In the meantime, Nationals was an AWESOME experience!!!!!!!!!!! We all had such a great time. My daughter did well for her very first Nationals and we are so proud of her. The photos below were taken by Clay Lomneth and Greg Blobaum, professional photographers at Nationals. They are really awesome as photographers and as people... we had a great time hanging out with them for ten days :-). Let me know if you ever need a great photographer and I'll send you right to them! ;-)

Loop Figures

Creative Solo

Creative Solo

Creative Solo
Aren't these photos amazing? We have a whole bunch more that they took, but it would take a long time for you to look at all of them, lol! I'm working on a scrapbook for my daughter with these photos and LOTS of other photos that I took. So far I have 40 pages and I'm not even half way done yet :-D. She did her Creative Solo to the song 'New World' by Toby Mac. If you are familiar with the Narnia movies, you will know that this song was in one of those movies. Her dress is based on one of Lucy's in the movies. One little girl at Nationals totally loved the Narnia movies and asked our daughter for her autograph... too sweet! (Yep, got a photo of that) ;-).

We had the whole month off from skating after Nationals was over and believe me when I say that after Nationals, you NEED the rest! Training starts up again soon, we are back to homeschooling for the year, and our schedule is starting to look like a regular schedule again- yay! 

I had no mojo (we were crazy busy with skating), but I think it might be coming back a little bit. I haven't touched paper or ink since before Regionals and it was really nice to spend some time working in my stamp room yesterday and today. On that note, I'll get my first project posted tomorrow morning. Thanks so much to all of you who have stuck it out and still check my blog to see if I've actually been here yet (waving hi to Christene!)... :-D

See ya' in the morning!

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