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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching Up...

We are back from Chicago, but with all the business of sewing and hauling back and forth to the rink for practices, my housework got really behind :(. I spent a few days trying to get rest since I only got a total of 12 hours of sleep in four days while we were away. That was six hours of sleep the first night we got to our hotel and then six hours on another night during the Meet weekend, but I have no remembrance of what night that actually was. I so needed to catch up on some rest because I had not been sleeping well during my sewing stint either. Now that I am relatively working back on normal capacity, I have to tackle my housework that got ditched while I was sewing. This week I have been trying to get caught up on laundry and housework in between home schooling and practice times at the rink. I will be back to posting soon though! Thank you for your continued patience and support- you are all appreciated more than words can say.

In the mean while, since so many of you asked to see her dresses, here are a couple of photos during Figures. This dress in Royal Blue velvet is the one I had to make THREE times! That is three times starting from scratch. Not a fun time, but my daughter and her coach loved it so it was worth it :-). We found a lovely necklace with matching earrings to go with her dress. The necklace and the earrings have royal blue center stones surrounded by crystals- very pretty!

The bodice comes around in a curve and then the rest of the bodice and one of the sleeves is Royal Blue mesh. In this last photo, she is standing next to the referee waiting to enter the circles for figures for judging. The rhinestones on her Figures dress consist of three different colors of Swarovski rhinestones- Crystal AB, Jonquil AB, and Aqua AB. I didn't get a photo of the back of her dress, but the back comes down to a V and the Crystal AB's follow the neckline down the back. There ya' have it... the dress... and my little skater girl :-D. Have a great day everyone!!!



Kim said...

WOW the dress is beautiful and so is your daughter. Can't wait for you to get caught up, I need some inspiration for convention swaps. Would you like me to come over and help clean?


Allison said...

Beautiful daughter and beautiful dress! Thanks for sharing some pictures with us. :-)

Lois said...

WOW what a awesome skater outfit! I'm sure your beautiful daughter loves it. I know I would!

Get some rest and we'll be here when ya get back to stampin and bloggin.