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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is Why...

 Ok, I did get back into my scrap room and I did get some things made, BUT I have not had time to take photos and this is why....
This little cutie is Lila and she is the newest member of our family. She is our youngest daughter's Chihuahua puppy. We picked her out on Saturday, but we couldn't bring her home because she wasn't eating enough puppy food. We were going to visit her on Tuesday, but the breeder said she could go home. Of course, it didn't take my daughter five minutes to get ready and we were heading out the door to pick her up, lol! We had most everything we needed for the puppy already, but because we weren't expecting her to come home so soon, we had to go shopping after we picked her up. The only things we had to get was puppy food, a crate, and a pink puppy purse. Yes, we have been reduced to purchasing a pink puppy purse :-D. 

Today was our long practice day at the rink. Lila went to the rink with us yesterday and met everyone and today she was right at home; to the point that she napped and not a sound at the rink bothered her enough to wake her. Tomorrow is our day off (yeah, for days off!), so I will get back to my scrap room and get some photos and post em'. Have a wonderful evening!

PS-  As I have been typing this post, my daughter has been teaching Lila to 'fetch'. Too funny! Her favorite toy so far is a little pink tennis ball. She LOVES the thing! My daughter tosses it and Lila goes to get it and brings it back. She does slip past my daughter every once in a while to chew on her ball, but mostly she has been having fun bringing it back to her.



Atty said...

Now how cute is she? Would imagine she is spoiled already. What an adorable outfit.
Can't wait to see what you've been working on.

Amanda Mertz said...

So cute!! It always amazes me that there are dogs who are smaller than my 2 cats! Enjoy the puppy stage!

Anonymous said...

Awe! So adorable! Great picture!