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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hope to be Back Soon!

October was a really busy month for us!!! My daughter was given a beautiful horse (Shiloh- see post below for a photo of him) and they have become the best of friends. She works with him everyday on his training and he is doing well. He is very eager to please once he knows what it is you want him to do. And he is soooooo sweet in personality! I don't believe I've ever known a horse as sweet as Shiloh. He is a very social boy, loves to visit with anyone, and when his training is done for the day, he follows my daughter around like a big puppy. If she stops, he stops. If she walks, he walks. That is a good thing because that means he has accepted her as the herd leader :).

Then she had the first Meet of the new skate year (starts in September) and I had to sew a skate dress for her specifically for the Glide Waltz and the Tango- both done on skates :). I hand glued on just over 300 rhinestones on that puppy! Whenever it gets close to a Meet, there is a lot more hours of practice, so most of my month went to helping with Shiloh and getting ready for the Meet on October 22-24. After we got back from the Meet, both my daughter and I got sick. I got sick three hours after she did and we were sick for an entire week. We both just started feeling better on Monday.

I wanted to share some photos I took of Shiloh on the morning of our first frost. When I went out that morning to let the chickens out for the day, there was a thick blanket of frost on the ground- it almost looked like snow. I have a couple of frost photos at the end of my post, but here is Shiloh resting his head on a wood post. Lol! He cracked me up! Silly boy, he just rested his head on the post and looked out at the pasture for a few minutes.

Shiloh is a gentle boy and he is starting to get used to being around our kitties. He wasn't too sure he liked them at first, but I think he has decided they aren't so bad. Our kitty, Lucky, thinks Shiloh should be petting him (rolling eyes ).
And here is what happens after you spend a few minutes talking to Shiloh and rubbing his head and neck.... he stands at the back fence for a looooong time waiting for you to come back and visit with him more.
How pitiful is this?!! He waited at the back fence like this for 30 minutes! I felt so bad for not going back out, but I had to get stuff done!

All right, here are a couple of the photos I took that morning before visiting with Shiloh, of our first frost. The frost is like little needles, but you really can't tell that unless you get up CLOSE.

Who knew frost was so stinkin' cool?!!! Not me! Today is our busy day. It's our long day at the rink, so maybe I can get some projects done to post on my poor neglected blog while I'm there. I should be able to get back soon though! Have a wonderful day today!!!


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Heather Chachula said...

This is way too cute with the kitty and your horse together. :)