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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whoo hoo! First Signs of Spring!!

Yeah!!! Spring is on its' way! About a month ago my horse started shedding her heavy winter coat- in droves I might add! Brushing her right now yields a huge pile of horse hair on the barn floor every day. Such a pile, it looks like she is standing on a white carpet. Now she doesn't normally start shedding so much so soon and in the fall our two horses got their winter coats early. We had an early arrival of winter here. So, now that she is shedding heavier than normal for this time of year, I'm hoping that means the arrival of spring earlier :-D.

I was out checking on my horse this afternoon because we opened up the other bigger pasture to her yesterday for the first time. The pasture that she stays in normally is five acres, but now the part that we opened up to her is about 25 acres. She can now go between the two pastures at will. Mostly she has been staying in the bigger pasture (the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, lol), but I didn't see her out the window so I wanted to make sure she was in the little pasture. She was :-). While I was out checking on Starlight, my daughter told me that she noticed the daffodils were coming up yesterday. Upon further investigation, I found that the trees all have tiny buds on them too! So I wanted to share my proof that Spring is close with all of you ;-).

This tree gets beautiful pink flowers all over it each Spring and it has big buds already! Look at how BLUE the sky is!!! I do NOT miss the gray skies of winter at all and I am so happy that we have had sunshiny days and blue skies like this one for the last few days.

The daffodils are indeed coming up and they are tall already! They are about four to five inches tall right now.

Above- the irises are starting to peek up out of the ground too. I am keeping an eye on the peonies- they aren't poking up yet, but maybe in the next week or so. And this week we are supposed to have 40-50 degree days all week! Let the flowers bloom, let the sun shine bright in blue, blue skies, and let Spring arrive in all its triumphant glory!!


Oh, I made some cute projects this weekend, so check back this week :-D.

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